Celebrating Janet's Life - Shared screen with speaker view
Sean H Connelly
Thank you all for joining us today; please note below a couple tips to ensure the bestexperience:Check to make sure you’re mutedUse speaker viewWe have enabled closed captioning for this event; you can activate it at the bottom of your screenPlease use chat to message individuals, but save remarks for the group for the toast at the endGrab yourself something nice to drink/eat, there will be a toast at the end.
Chris Petritsi
Simone Gretler Heusser
Thank you!
Sean H Connelly
Thank you all for joining us today; please note below a couple tips to ensure the bestexperience:Check to make sure you’re mutedUse speaker viewWe have enabled closed captioning for this event; you can activate it at the bottom of your screenPlease use chat to message individuals, but save remarks for the group for the toast at the endGrab yourself something nice to drink/eat, there will be a toast at the end.
Sean H Connelly
Thank you all for joining us today; please note below a couple tips to ensure the bestexperience:Check to make sure you’re mutedUse speaker viewWe have enabled closed captioning for this event; you can activate it at the bottom of your screenPlease use chat to message individuals, but save remarks for the group for the toast at the endGrab yourself something nice to drink/eat, there will be a toast at the end.
Laurel Lipkin
Gone too soon. Her scholarship, compassion, humanity, energy and dynamism - always on display.
Laurel Lipkin
My condolences to her family.
Gail Schechter
I was with Janet when she'd buy those bracelets at the Museum of Contemporary Art. 😎
josina morita
And her glasses! The best!
Lauren Tucker
She was a great comrade in Indivisible. She taught me a lot about Chicago and it’s sociopolitical context. As a Black Southerner from Richmond, VA, I truly received an education from her. Janet understood the intersection of poverty, race, housing and politics. She was a badass!
Dick Simpson
Every year for over 15 years, Janet gave the opening talk of the Chicago's Future Lecture Series because she could best describe Chicago and its hope for its future.
Kate Walz
She unapologetically called out the fault lines with the CHA's Plan For Transformation. She was 100% right, 100% of the time.
David Stovall
The warriors in paradise has welcomed a fellow-traveler back home. Rest easy Janet Smith…we will say your name forever…
Maureen Hellwig
Erie House worked with her many times. She was a fit with the oldest organizations, like settlement houses, and in that tradition she was a modern successor of Jane Addams.
Gail Walsh
I met Janet when we were both working on our masters degrees at U of I Urbana. We met through our advocacy on behalf of homeless. We bonded over advocacy and had a blast doing it. One story I will share is - Janet was hired to help do a capital campaign for the domestic violence shelter. She asked me to help her with ideas and invited me to a bar. After a pitcher of margaritas we came up with the best campaign theme never launched " Don'
Martha Bayne
Good job Rachel ❤️
Drew Williams-Clark
Thank you for the super hero theme. We all called her Lady J and then started to do so to her face. It’s derived from a character in the GI Joe Cartoon from when we were kids. She was sharp witted, didn’t take nonsense from anybody, and went to bat for her friends. She was a badass. I can’t handle being on camera. But, my favorite memory is years after grad school. My wife and I were new parents. We were on a rare date night. We walked into a brewery. She was at a characteristically rowdy table watching a friend play live music. I wanted to say hi, but I wasn’t sure if we were really on that level. So I kinda awkwardly waved. She bee lined to our table and chewed the fat for a solid 30 minutes. She was a social justice warrior. She was a badass. She was all of those things, but she came to our weddings, she hung out and talked as equals, she had room in her heart for so many. I’ll forever be grateful to have shared time with her.
Drew Williams-Clark
Thanks, Rachel
Aurie Pennick
When I ran the Leadership Council for Metropolitan Open Communities, then the nation's largest fair housing, she was an amazing academic resource. Her legacy makes me truly proud to be a UIC alum. Janet R.I.P. Rest In Power!!!
Gail Walsh
I met Janet when we were both working on our masters degrees at U of I Urbana. We met through our advocacy on behalf of homeless. We bonded over advocacy and had a blast doing it. One story I will share is - Janet was hired to help do a capital campaign for the domestic violence shelter. She asked me to help her with ideas and invited me to a bar. After a pitcher of margaritas we came up with the best campaign theme never launched " Don't be a prick, buy us a brick". Janet went on to her career as an academic doing impactful work on the community. We would connect when we came to each other's cities for conferences. She was a rock star of advocacy and one of the most wonderful people I know.
Sarah Coffin
I met Janet at Cleveland State where she was getting her PhD and I was getting my MUP. She was Sanda Kaufmann's teaching assistant in quantitative research methods. I would not have passed the class without Janet! I have so many fond memories of her throughout the years, including when she and Jim hosted the first anti-stodge party at ACSP in 1999.
Douglas Perkins
I met Janet soon after joining the Urban Affairs Assoc. 25 years ago & got to know her better after inviting her to participate in a conference at Vanderbilt and we became friends as much as colleagues. But this beautiful event amply demonstrates that hundreds of people must feel the same way! As has been said, practically everyone Janet met became a friend!
Juanita Irizarry
I had already finished my urban planning coursework at UIC when Janet arrived to teach. So I feel so lucky to have connected with her via the Voorhees Neighborhood Center and so many mutual affordable housing and community development concerns over the years. And then her support of me in my political endeavors and my work at Friends of the Parks. So much to say. Just much love. Rest in Power, Janet.
Doug Schenkelberg
When I was looking to go to grad school, I visited UIC, not really sure that is where I wanted to be. Then I met Janet and knew five minutes into our conversation I had to go to UIC and work with her. She became my advisor, a mentor, a boss, and a friend. I owe so much to her advice and friendship. She was always there for me and for anyone that needed help and support. She knew what it takes to truly partner with communities to fight for justice. And she was one of the funniest people I ever met. All my love to Jim, Sue and all close to her.
Don Washington
When I was at the Cook County Assessor's Office as Fritz's Policy Director, she helped me understand the interactions between property taxes and development/displacement. As the new Director of the Chicago Housing Initiative she always had time for me no matter how clueless I felt or how dumb my questions. We all miss her body and soul. Sorrows and Solidarity to you all.
Karyn Forman
I had the pleasure to spend 90 minutes of uninterrupted time with Janet every 3 weeks for over 18 years. During her regular massage therapy and acupuncture sessions with me, we talked about our lives, work, politics, tv shows, friends, spirituality, food, travel and anything else that came up.Janet was a most excellent human to share this regular time with and I always loved being with her. She would often bring fresh juices and we would share the different flavors and enjoy them together and she was always so thoughtful with special gifts that were always spot on. She was a loyal friend and I’m truly so sad to have lost her presence in my life. I am filled with such admiration and love for her. What a loss for us all. My deepest condolences to Jim and her entire family.
ChaNell Marshall
I didn’t know Janet as well as most. As a student what I did experience well and absorb was her presence. After running into her around Chicago over the years I had the serendipitous experience of sitting by the water of the Puget Sound with her and a mutual friend in 2020. She and the friend were in Tacoma for a conference, and wanted to get away for a bit. We went to the water. What I remember most was the silence in between words and Janet’s warmth and presence being bigger than anything we talked about. Her presence was bigger than her words. She’s said and written so much with authenticity. But if she never said and did anything, just by her presence she was my kind of people. She knew how to be in community. I grieve with you all from her loss. Thank you for this gathering.
Ryan Lugaliahollon
Perfect summary oh her spirit!
Edward Bury
Around five years ago, I was having a beer at Small Bar, my neighborhood tavern. This was on a Sunday in fall. The door opened and a tall blond woman entered, with an even taller man. It was Janet and Jim. We shared a great conversation and a beverage. Or two. Made my day that my colleague from CUPPA found my local bar. I will hoist one later today, and Janet will be there in spirit.
Lou Turner
Janet did not only seek to be the best she could be; she was her times at their best.
Angela Thompson
I met Janet & Jim in Urbana during the '80s - parties, the Illini Inn, etc. Later while at UIC sometime after 2005, I remember inviting myself over to Tania & John's place one night while Janet & Jim were there. After putting Tania & John to bed, Janet, Jim & I walked down to the Gold Star on Division & Damen - a very lively dive bar open late. We reminisced about the old days in Urbana. Can't think of better people to hang with. A few years later, Angela and I spent a New Year's Eve at Janet & Jim's place. That was while I was "courting" Angela who had flown in from Santa Cruz (we were both in an NSF PhD program and research group). As you all know, Janet & Jim are the best hosts and the food and drinks were fabulous but most important, Janet & Jim made the party amazing because that's just how they are. I will always miss Janet and I hope that Jim can come out to our place in Crete, walk the trails on our 15 acres with our dogs and cat, and forgive us for not having the amazing culinary skills he has.
Susan King
I know Janet doesn't want us to be sad. I am trying not to be, but it is really hard! I miss my fellow houser and fashionista. :) I saw her as my academic alter ego. I cannot believe she is gone, but I also believe that saying that "grief divided is grief shared." Thank you for including me today. My condolences to Jim and her family and of course, to all of her many, many friends.
Dan Cooper
One of the things I will remember and cherish the most about Janet is her limitless capacity to show up and support so many people. Whether it was giving a guest lecture, sharing knowledge with students and organizations, finding time to meet for dinner or drinks, come to a protest, she almost never said no. That commitment and energy continues to inspire me, and I imagine so many others on this call. She was a community builder and I’m glad to be connected to so many of you because of Janet.
Gail Schechter
As with so many of you, Janet was a friend as well as a colleague. For me, it was for fair and affordable housing in the northern suburbs. Her research and her expertise made all the difference, I think, in all the successful affordable housing initiatives that Highland Park executed. She got along with everyone, from Highwood low-income Latino renters to white Winnetka homeowners. I worked with her and Yittaih on at least a half-dozen projects. She spoke from the heart, always. She invited me to speak to her class every year and then we went out to eat (of course). Janet was everything everyone has said: generous, a moral leader, elegant, and compassionate.
Angela Thompson
Forgot to add to Angela's post that I wrote it - Alex "Sash" Radosavljevic
Nicholas Zettel
At Voorhees Center, Janet always fostered the "Team Voorhees" attitude. I'll never forget how she advocated for every community we worked with, and taught us how to be true advocates -- listening, centering our community partner, and then doing our very best work to provide support. Janet embodied and advanced equity planning, and always brought us in while expecting the best. Just an unbelievable mentor -- I will never forget her tenacity and vision.
Barbara Ransby
Honored to be included in this moving celebration of Janet’s life. I admired her as a union leader, housing policy expert respected by community orgs., but we became friends in around 2014 when Karen Lewis asked us both to serve on her “would be” policy committee in her “would be” mayoral campaign that was not to be. Janet was the expert. I was the enthusiastic cheerleader for Janet and Karen. We were sitting together in a coffee shop when we got the news that Karen had been taken to the hospital on a day that would mark the end of Karen’s mayoral bid. Janet and I knew it was serious. We stopped our meeting and held hands in the cafe. She is also the reason I moved into a vintage building instead of a new one when I left my home of 20 years in Oak Park. She and I always admired each others jewelry often with a smile and a nod. She was a fiery, fiercely smart, big-hearted fighter. Her life is an inspiration and I will miss her. Condolences to Jim and her family.
Susan King
I know Janet doesn't want us to be sad. I am trying not to be, but it is really hard! I miss my fellow houser and fashionista. :) I saw her as my academic alter ego. I cannot believe she is gone, but I also believe that saying that "grief shared is grief divided." Thank you for including me today. My condolences to Jim and her family and of course, to all of her many, many friends.
Ann Barnds
I knew Janet for almost 25 years, first professionally (she used to joke that we met when I did a ‘hit’ on her when she was doing the rental market study). Then in grad school she was my advisor, and hired me as an RA which allowed me to finish my MUPP (wouldn’t have happened otherwise). That was when our friendship really started to develop. Then as a colleague and huge support when I worked at UIC. Over the years, our friendship only deepened, she was so generous with her time and we had tons of shared interests. We always laughed, even (especially) when we were working through things that made us sad, or mad. I miss her terribly, and know I always will. But I am so grateful to have her in my life, still and always.
Shelley Saindon
In 2006, Janet threw me a lifeline I didn’t even know I needed. After a breakup, in which I thought I had not only lost a boyfriend, I thought I had lost a group of friends (after all, the friends had come with the boyfriend). But no, the day he moved out, Janet calls and says “come to dinner with us!” I asked if she was sure and her response was “you’re not getting rid of us that easily.” I was blessed to have her in my life and I will miss her.
Mariness Smith
All my respect and admiration for Janet, she knew how do manage and fit everything important and good in her life. I thank her for several happy moments with Family. Love from Brazil.
Moises Moreno
we appreciate Janet for everything she helped us with at Pilsen Alliance, to fight for social justice. she recently messaged us with her insights on how to fight for affordable housing at 18 and Peoria. she never stopped supporting our fight, she was a true fighter and comrade. we will miss her dearly and we carry on the fight!
Ulrike Sturm
We had a wonderful Exchange Programme between UIC and Lucerne, Switzerland, a Programme between a giant (Chicago and Janet) and a dwarf (not meaning to be unpleasant to the little country I belong to), but we learned so much about Chicago and I always wondered what Janet would be taking back from us - but her huge mind was open to all that was connected to urban planning. We went on trips to mountain villages with the students and organized a conference at Chicago, we spent times at community centres and wonderful bars and restaurants and she had so many sides to her, wittiness and humour, deepness of thought and the ability to enjoy - and I learned so many things from her, professionally and personally. Thank you Janet for all! Our condolences, Simone, Colette, Alex, Bea and others included, to Jim and all close to her.
Lauri Alpern
Appreciate Rachel, Yittayih and all the speakers for sharing their beautiful and meaningful portraits of the most exceptional Janet. My deepest condolences to Jim. Janet will inspire me forever. ❤️
Lauren Nolan
Janet was my boss at the Voorhees Center for five years. But she was more than a boss—she became an amazing mentor and a true friend. She always had our backs, and she brought out the best in everyone—our best work, but also our best party selves. I will never forget how enthusiastically she encouraged our ping pong parties. Janet has shaped who I am as a professional, as a student, and as a person. She had a profound impact on my life, and I will be forever grateful to have known her.
Branko R
What a fascinating, fun human being. I was so lucky to know her
Jennifer Ashton
Janet was our superhero UIC United Faculty President for many years, and before she became our President, she was involved in our organizing efforts from the days when a card drive was still a glimmer in our eyes. I remember a day on campus, early in our contract drive that ultimately resulted in a strike — at that point it was November, when we were holding an outdoor rally in front of the UIC Admin building. Those of us on the organizing committee needed to introduce our first guest speaker at the rally, Adolph Reed Jr. Someone handed me a bullhorn and Janet was there, and I thought, not my strong suit. Janet took over the bullhorn and history was made. Janet went on to lead us. Specifically, she led us to win many struggles, and she did it with grace, ingenuity, gusto, and charisma like nobody’s business. May we (and working people everywhere) win many more struggles in her honor.
Cathleen Jensen
I loved Janet's potty mouth in union meetings. Union work makes us swear...a lot!
Patricia Wright
Our condolences to Jim and all Janet’s family and friends. We will miss Janet greatly.❤️
Jennifer Nagle
Can you imagine being a 14 year old with Janet? I was so blessed to be by Janet's side during so many adventures and experiences. Yep, some of them were pretty stupid and we laughed at our ignorance. Janet also always encouraged me to think about and consider others. I will always be thankful for this.
Martha Bayne
I was a student of Janet’s in her early years at UIC, and I was lucky enough to be her research assistant for a time. I never finished my degree but we stayed friends for 20 years, something that gave me so much joy. She made you feel like you were capable of *anything* — without you realizing how she did it. Her generosity is legend, and there are so many stories, but my favorite tiny story is from about 14 years ago, when I was planning to leave Chicago for a summer, I wondered aloud to Janet what I would do with my cat while I was gone. Within days, Janet and Jim volunteered to be foster parents, and Bob the cat got to go live in a gorgeous Printers Row loft for three months. I don’t think he ever forgave me for taking him back. I have asked myself many times What Would Janet Do? And her voice in my head never steers me wrong. We are blessed to have that still.
Anthony Floriani
Thank you Robert
Marsha Cassidy
Over ten years ago, I had the honor of working with Janet on the Chancellor's Committee on the Status of Persons with Disabilities. She was an energic and focused leader who fought hard to protect and enhance the rights of people with disabilities on campus. I loved her leadership style. She was well organized but cheerily impatient when change came too slowly. Her ambitious goals to achieve equality were always motivated by compassion. Her tenacity, her enthusiasm, and her commitment to just plain hard work made her a model for all of us.I feel deeply that we've all lost a woman who held fast to the hope of change and achieved it.
Sandra Morales
Sharing the sadness, and grieving will all of you... I will forever be thankful to Janet for her support and constant encouragement while I was in the masters program. So many memories from her as a student, and as a colleague working at CUPPA for many years. Through her work and all the happy memories, she'll live in our hearts forever.
Therese Quinn
Beautiful, Robert.
Jennifer Ashton
Thank you, Robert.
Leon Fink
Hear, hear, Robert!
Jennifer Pietka - San Filippo
Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this beautiful tribute to Janet. My deepest condolences to Janet’s husband, family and friends.
Kristine May
Those union memories are rich and unforgettable! Thanks, Robert.
Natasha Barnes
Wonderful Robert, I remember she—as did I—share more than a few “cusses” on the picket line
pauline lipman
I have a strong memory of working together through many literal all-nighters on our Data and Democracy reports in collaboration with community organizations fighting school closings and gentrification. She was an amazing resource and a generous collaborator and dogged fighter. It was her work on the gentrification index that set us on a path to map the intersection of education, housing and urban development in the city. Her passing is a tremendous loss for grass roots struggles for justice and liberation in Chicago. Janet Smith Presente!
Maureen Tatsuko Loughnane
I was so very lucky to get to know Janet as a fellow board member of the Wieboldt Foundation (which supports grassroots organizing in the Chicago area.) Her commitment to this work, to the organizations we partner with, and the power of organizing was breathtaking. I learned so much from her. Rest in power Janet.
Geraldine Gorman
Thank you, Robert, for speaking for us.
Marilyn F Ruiz
My condolences to all who loved Janet - her family, colleagues, students, friends, though especially to Jim. An inspiration for all of us - she will be missed.
Josh Drucker
Thank you all for the beautiful remembrances and accolades shared here. I will be grateful always to have been able to be one Janet's constellation of colleagues and friends, a many-time beneficiary of her advice, encouragement, support.
Karyn Sandlos
Thank you, Robert. WWJD 💜
Andrea (Traudt) Inouye
I had the privilege of being the mutual friend in ChaNell Marshall’s story on the Puget Sound. In addition to ChaNell’s beautiful summary of that afternoon, that whole trip was an example of how Janet was always in our corner. As I was re-establishing myself professionally in a new city, Janet reached out, recommended me to speak at that conference, and warmly encouraged and supported me as always. She was one of the last people I was able to be spend time with before the pandemic shutdowns and I’m so grateful for that time. Over the years, Janet was my professor, advisor, supporter, cheerleader, and friend. I will miss her generous spirit.
Sabina Deitrick
Thanks so much Yas!
Annie Howard
I had a dream last night that there was an in-person gathering for tribute for Janet at a high school full of low-income students, where it was revealed that Janet was somehow, on top of everything else that she did, had managed to make significant time to teach them and give them the confidence and support that she's given to all of us. Not a surprise to me that that dream did not feel out of place -- I know it's something she would do, 100 percent.
Simone Gretler Heusser (she/her)
Thank you all so much for this beautiful gathering. Looking at the fotos, I'm happy having directed Janet and Jim to the Josefswiese in Zurich on one of her visits. And I'll never forget her guided tour explaining different housing Projects in Chicago. A Group of geese showed up and got in our way. So much fun.WWJD?
tania kadakia
Janet and Jim have been a huge in my life. They actually let me move in with them as I was going through a divorce 20 years ago, when I hardly knew anyone in Chicago. For like 3 months! I first met Janet in Champaign where she was my boss at the housing institute, way back in the day, whatever that day was exactly, but it was the time when They Might Be Giants sang "... build a little birdhouse in your soul..."
Martha Sojka
I worked at Voorhees 2004-10 after getting my MUPP and had the privilege of working with Janet on many projects and she was amazing at keeping community at the forefront. Almost 20 years later, I am now a community development administrator in Will County. The issues Janet fought for in Chicago are everywhere, including Will County. In my new role at work, I find myself drawing on Janet's strength when I need to make a tough decision in my space and I wear the bracelet she gave me when I left Voorhees to remind me to be the voice for those that need it. She was fighting for equity before DEI was a thing. She created a new generation of advocates, I will forever be grateful for Janet's mentorship and for Voorhees. I never took a class with Janet but she was a teacher by her actions. My condolences to staff, her family and to Jim (who made the best scallops I have ever had. he also told us they were easy to make and Jim, I have tried, and no they are not, it is the maker) thank you for creating this space
Jamie Daniel
I first knew Janet when we were both new faculty hires at UIC,When we both became activists with the Coalition to Protect Public Housing. We compared strategies and crises at Cabrini Green, for her, and the Robert Taylor Homes for me. These experiences served us well years later, after UIC faculty won their union and I was honored as a union rep to work with her and her extraordinary team of union activists. She was especially creative, fierce, and strategic during bargaining. And really fun when we debriefed afterwards over pear martinis with union staff and members. When we last zoomed in early December, she was still talking about the upcoming bargaining sessions. I will miss her terribly as a friend and union sister.
natalie moore
janet was in my dream last night, too.
Susan Saegert
Janet welcomed me into my life UAA, She called my name and said “You are one of our people”, I am. Thank god.
Simone Gretler Heusser (she/her)
Thank you for including me today. My condolences to Jim and her family.
Javier Ruiz-Tagle
Janet was my PhD advisor from 2009 to 2014 at UIC. She definitely marked my life as a student, as a scholar, as a social activist, and as human being. She is the best combination of all those roles that I've seen in my life, especially in Chicago and the US. She taught me so many different things, and I always remember her when making my own decisions.I invited her to Chile, my home country, for a conference and for teaching in 2017, which she of course took advantage of to travel around, including Jim. And of course, she left the same impression on all people here: everybody loved Janet and would want her back for teaching, laughing, cooking and so many more.So, realizing now that Janet has that level of popularity and superhero status (which she deserves), in every circle and in every role she plays, I feel a tremendous honor and privilege of having met her and spent time with her.Rest in power!
Angela Hurlock
So sorry for the loss to us all, truly Janet was a brilliant, graceful and kind yet hilariously delightful to spend time with. She was a teacher, mentor, peer and friend! I will miss her!
Sarah Kellerman
Janet had an uncanny ability to burn – whether it was fire for a cause, a loving glow that made you feel heard and supported, or the smart of her snarky wit - while being unflappably, impossibly, effortlessly cool. I always said that Janet was “the woman I want to be when I grow up." I won’t ever stop trying.
Sarah Morton
Something I think about often were the "salons" Janet hosted at her loft for PNUIC. We would pick a topic, and people would talk or give presentations, then we would drink wine and have passionate conversations. I'll never forget how generous it was of Janet to create that space for us to explore ideas outside the classroom.
Heather D Parish
I have so many fond memories of Janet as a fellow social justice warrior in the fight for housing justice, particularly within public housing. I met her not long after she joined UIC as faculty in the mid 1990s and then became Co-Director with Yittayih of the Voorhees Center. Voorhees has a long history of supporting the work of resident leadership at LeClaire Courts and she was always a fierce advocate and supporter of their work. As a community development consultant, I worked with her and Yittayih on variety of housing related initiatives over the years, and also served with her on the board of the Wieboldt Foundation. I am so grateful to have been Janet’s comrade in the struggle and will miss her sisterhood and friendship. This is such a wonderful tribute that has been created in her honor and I want to extend heartfelt condolences and gratitude to Jim, her UIC family, and all of us who have gathered in community today for this homegoing celebration.
Sarah Coulter
This Maya Angelou quote came to me when hearing from the amazing speakers… “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” I will always remember that Janet made me feel important, competent, smart and worthy. My deepest sympathies to Jim and all who loved her. May she live on in the love and light of our lives and work.
Celeste Januszewski
She was super cool, in every which way there is to be cool. May her passion live on in all of us.
Heather D Parish
I received a quote this morning from my father that I think epitomizes Janet’s life perfectly: “Bring love wherever you go. Shine Light wherever it is dark. Leave blessings wherever you’ve been. Be kind wherever you are. – Mary Davis.” Rest in peace and power, dear Janet <3.
Ivis Garcia
Yes, Janet was a very fun person. Always sharing her joy with others!
Drew Williams-Clark
Thank you, Lee and Andrew
Anne Wagemaker
Janet was so easy to look up to. She was smart, committed, and just so cool. I am so grateful for all the lessons she taught me and her tirelessness in the fight for justice. Thank you for this space today.
Gary Willis
Thoughts and prayers for Jim, and Racheal, Yittiyah and all of Janet’s UIC family from her friends at NASA. We have lost an incredible leader and friend who exemplified compassion in action, balanced with brilliance and a beautiful exploration for the truth. We all must now pick up a piece of that mantle and continue moving her passion forward. Gary Willis, CUPPA 03’.
Amy Khare
I always knew that Janet’s impact on others was vast, but this memorial celebration truly demonstrates the many people whose lives in Chicago and around the world have been influenced. Janet’s courage to speak truth to power…and fiercely stand up for and WITH people whose lives and housing are constantly seen as dispensable is what I cherish. She was a disruptor with wild and creative spirit. She was a close mentor to my dissertation research during many times when I needed and desired a push. She encouraged me to ask questions and follow my gut to explore the realities of Chicago’s public housing policies — and it’s because of her that I was able to write and research with courage. I will be forever grateful for her friendship — may her keen wisdom, critical mind, and beloved spirit keep us aligned and committed to the work of justice. Love to Janet and to all her family, friends, and colleagues.
Anne Evens
That's beautiful, thank you Lee and Andrew
william howard
From Bill Howard: Janet was essential in helping the Westside to establish the First Community Land Trust. Her dedication/perspective and skills in community organizing and strategic planning were without parallel.
John Slocum
Rachel and I - and our daughters - have been very fortunate to have Janet and Jim in our lives. The times we socialized together over the years were always fun and energizing, and I’m glad we got to celebrate many milestones together. Janet was an amazing person. I miss her terribly but with gratitude and appreciation for all she meant to so many. My deepest condolences to Jim and all of Janet’s family, friends, colleagues, and comrades.
Ulrike Sturm
It is true, as I read in one of the messages: Janet is a role-model to me, I would love to be a scholar and activist the way she was. I think it is never too late to follow her path. Rest in power and peace, Janet!
Sandra Morales
Thank for organizing this event. This moment together, remembering and honoring Janet, was very much needed.😔
Derick Anderson
I’ve only known Janet for the last 4 years as my PhD advisor but I had been citing her work and thoughts for my whole adult life. When I finally met her the year I applied to UIC I was instantly impressed by her coolness and warmth. Her knowledge and sharp mind. It was one of the best conversations I’ve ever had and I knew I wanted to work with her. While my time with Janet was short i will always cherish those conversations and these stories are an amazing tribute to Janet. WWJD
David Perry
Our condolences to all who loved Janet. Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful stories of her contributions, love, style, and laughter. They will help keep her memory and memory alive.
Joe Iosbaker
To Robert and all our siblings in United Faculty: I worked in the Dean’s office of the College of Medicine for 20 years, and suffered through the ‘pecking order’ in medicine in which clerical workers and service workers in general are treated badly. The members of United Faculty as a group are fundamentally different than the College of Axxholes as Local 73 members think of Medicine. Janet epitomized the solidarity that we felt from UF. We salute our sister comrade. Janet Smith: Rest in Power!
Nacho Gonzalez
Janet’s memory is strong like her spirit
Ivis Garcia
Agree! She exercised her leadership in all kinds of scenarios.
Ivis Garcia
Definitely, she loved to dance and she was also good at it.
Leah Levinger
I had the good fortune to get to know Janet while working for a citywide coalition of public and subsidized housing tenants for a decade and a half. Janet had an incisive and wise mind, but what made her so particularly beautiful and unforgettable was her fierce commitment to helping people in Chicago who are just struggling to survive. She never relented on calling out callous and irresponsible planning by powerful people, no matter the cost or blowback. She used her voice to amplify the voices of people whose lives would be most affected, sometimes crushed, by these planning processes. She was a unique light in our city and her absence will be felt keenly--- not only by those who personally knew her, but also by those who never did, but on whose behalf she worked tirelessly.
Drew Williams-Clark
Beautiful lee
Michael Pagano
Janet's drive for a better world was also reflected in her actions as a colleague in CUPPA. Her drive and vision to make CUPPA the premiere college in the world motivated her actions, ideas and work with her world. I was privileged to have been included in that collective drive to push forward and do good. She will be missed, but her legacy will shine a bright light on the path forward. We are all better because of Janet's life.
Pat Miller
This has been so wonderful, and worthy of Janet.
timothy johnson
Janet was particularly proud of this: http://www.fightbacknews.org/2016/3/13/how-students-chicago-organized-shut-down-trump
Ning Ai
Years ago Janet proposed a breakfast with me. I had to hold my tears when she explained at our meeting that she could tell from my eyes that I need help. It was just when we came across each other in the CUPPAH hallway briefly and I did not say anything personally, although it indeed was one of my most difficult times both at work and at home. Apparently she could read people's minds! Afterwards I often tend to think how determined and persistent Janet's eyes always look like. Wish I could have supported her more. I will always remember the strength and elegance and generosity that she has shared with me and all. Janet, you are beautiful, in every possible way. Miss you.
Scott Voorhees
On behalf of the Voorhees family I’d like to express how grateful we are to have known Janet; as a person and a professional in nearly 25 years at the Center. She was a public servant with few equals.We will be working with Yittayah and the others at the center to find a great honour Janet in keeping with the Superhero example she demonstrated to us all.
tiziana Castiglioni
Forever happy for our time hiking, smiling, laughing…and sometimes crying …our way to Kilimanjaro’s summit and back down. As well as the food, wine and jokes in Chi and Lon. So lovely to hear all these wonderful stories of her and the life she has led xx
Marj Halperin
I'm late to Team Janet, having met her and Jim only a couple years ago through their Indivisible Chicago activism. To know Janet even briefly is to see the qualities you all know so well. I'm grateful to have known Janet and to be included today. My sincere condolences to Jim, family, friends AND Chicago.
Noah Glaser
In the graduate worker union at UIC, I always felt like we could talk with her and that she would take seriously the issues we were worried about. One time that meant making an impassioned speech at a union convention where our local was trying to get an amendment passed that few others would support. There was like a palpable sense of solidarity emanating out from her, even when she disagreed with you. We will miss her here at GEO!
Moira Zellner
Thank you, everyone, for your beautiful words and love you shared, which helps us all heal and process the loss of our beloved. Janet, I love you and miss you. You have been a sister to me. Like when I left at UIC, you texted me that you couldn’t speak during my farewell because you were crying. Same here. You’ll always be in my heart.
Stephen Schlickman
I first met Janet when I started as the Executive Director of the Urban Transportation Center in 2010. Most of Janet's great qualities have been stated. What I want to emphasize is that she was a great collaborator. She shared with me the important intersection of transportation and housing. We bonded over that fact. She was one of my best colleagues at UIC in fulfilling the UTC mission.
Martha Sojka
thank you everyone, this was beautiful.
Christine Kenny
Jasmine Gunn
As others have shared, Janet had such a strong light that she made everyone around her burn brighter. Grateful to have had the honor to be a research assistant at the Voorhees Center and experience her amazing mentorship, support, and love for celebrating life. My deepest condolences to everyone
Amalia Pallares
We love you Janet
Doug Schenkelberg
Thank you, Rachel.
tania kadakia
thank you Rachel
Barbara Di Eugenio
thank you everybody
Juanita Irizarry
Thank you, Rachel.
Marsha Cassidy
Thank you for this experience.
Sabina Deitrick
Thank you Rachel.
Derick Anderson
Thank you everyone for putting this on!
Erin Ludwig
Such a beautiful celebration of life for someone who was truly the best of the best. Thank you for this.
Maureen Hellwig
thanks to all who participated. So glad we did this.
catalina ortiz
Big hugs to my CUPPA mentors: Rachel, John, Nik, Sanjeev, Brenda!!
Aaron Krall
Thank you for all of the amazing stories!
Heather D Parish
Thank you Rachel and everyone for this beautiful tribute to Janet 💜
Kevin Jackson
Brilliant - thank you all
Marilyn F Ruiz
Thank you to all…
Gail Walsh
So many awesome people in Janet's life.
Zeynep Sarlak
I love you my dear friend. you will always be in my heart.
Dena Al-Khatib
Thank you Rachel and everyone at UIC for putting this together. My sincerest condolences to Jim and all of Janet's family and loved ones.
Lisa Freeman
Rest in power Janet. You will be sorely missed.
Ulrike Sturm
Thank you all for this gathering! So glad, I could be part of it!
Amelia Salter
Thank you all for putting this on. Loved all the speeches and stories. Janet will be so missed day all who knew her.
Taylor Gendel
Thank you so much for putting this together Voorheeser's! What a special group to count myself a part of. We love you Janet!!
John Abbott
my thanks as well. Janet was one of a kind and she touched so many lives. I'm grateful to have known her.
Simone Gretler Heusser (she/her)
Thank you everybody!❤️
Sandra Morales
Much love and peace to everyone! Thank you for creating this space.
Brad Winick
Wow! Beautiful & powerful.
Don Washington
Thank you Rachel. Sorrows and Solidarity All.
Shiben Banerji
I dreamed last nightI saw JanetAlive as you or me
Says I, But JanetYou’re six days dead
I never died says she
I never died says she
Daniel La Spata
So much thanks to Rachel and our hosts. Janet, till we meet again!
Angela Hurlock
Thank you!!
Jessica Estrada
Thank you everyone. This was beautiful, we love you Janet
Brenda Parker
If we need proof that there is still so much light in this world, Janet’s life offers it. She was one of the first to welcome me as a new faculty member at UPP, and we spent these past two years collaborating on a policy brief focused on low-income women’s vulnerability to eviction. I am so proud and lucky to have been her colleague and friend. Thanks for all who shared today. Jim—Matt and I are keeping you in our hearts. Rest in Power Janet Smith!
Gia Biagi
Thank you
Marla Nelson
That was beautiful, thank you
Julie Schmid
Thank you for the opportunity to join this celebration of Janet's life. She was a fierce advocate for justice and the public good.
Laurel Lipkin
Thank you for this opportunity to celebrate and remember Janet.
Gail Walsh
Jim, hugs and love coming your way.
patricia fron
thank you for this beautiful commemoration of a beautiful life. Janet's impact on all of us will live on!
David Merriman
Thanks for putting this together. It was a wonderful tribute
Lisa Frohmann
Thank you everyone. This was wonderful. Janet, you will be missed!
Jennifer Ashton
This was a beautiful service everyone, thank you Rachel
Sage Kim
Love you Janet!
Kazuya Kawamura
Janet was indeed a super hero. Janet was the moral compass for UPP and when needed she would kick some butts. I came to UIC in 1999 and thanks to Janet and Rachel, I felt so protected and nurtured during my junior faculty years. I could always count on Janet to “have your back” as she used to say. She was truly one and only.Rachel, Jim, Andy and all the others who helped make this event possible. Thank you so much. May her spirit rest in piece.
Elizabeth Strom
Appreciate this moving tribute, condolences to Janet's family and friends
Sharon Haar
What a loss. My condolences to all and thank you for such a beautiful tribute.
Jeff Sklansky
Thank you for everything to Janet. And thank to all of you who put this service together.
Milos Zefran
Thanks to all for sharing in the sorrow, and in the celebration of Janet!
Karen Shea
I met Janet and Jim at our local bar. I knew when she was there it was always going to be a fun time with good conversation. She always lit up the room. I’m grateful I got to celebrate with Jim and Janet for their anniversary. She had a zest for life and lived fully in the present. Cheers to Janet, and I’m holding Jim, her friends and family in my heart and in my thoughts. She will be dearly missed and remembered with joy.
Sarah Coffin
Loved hearing about all the dimensions of Janet. What an amazing spirit! I will miss her.
joan kennelly
Thank you for this beautiful tribute. Janet was a ‘phenomenal woman”
Natasha Barnes
Incredible Janet! Thanks for putting this together
Caitlin Goodspeed
Thank you for putting together this beautiful celebration of Janet’s amazing and wondrous life. She will be missed!
Curt Winkle
Thank you all for sharing memories
Robin Cline
What a beautiful celebration.
John West
Thank you for sharing this celebration of life.
Rachel Scheu
Beautiful celebration. Thank you
Geraldine Gorman
Such a gift. Thank you.
Marland Webb
Janet was an incredible combination of oassion, invention and grace. We will miss her.
Yittayih Zelalem
Thank you Rachel and all for making this a fitting and memorable experience!
Patricia Wright
A beautiful tribute. We are thinking of Janet in joy and sadness. Dave and Pat
Jeffrey Gore
Thanks for organizing this. Janet was such a role model to many of us who love UIC and take joy in our students AND fight against the injustices that anger us.
Anna Guevarra
Thank you for this space. Rest in power, comrade Janet. I appreciate your counsel, your generosity, your fearless advocacy.
Walter Michaels
Thank you for doing this; we miss Janet.
Anne Evens
Thank you everyone! This is a beautiful celebration of a beautiful person. We all miss her so.
Alison Dickson
Love you Janet so very much. Thank you for everything
Sarah Rothschild
I had the immense pleasure of being one of Janet's students in 2003 - 2005, working with her on strategic planning at Bickerdike, helping with the research on school closings in the Data and Democracy project, and then collaborating on research with her students who interned at the Chicago Teachers Union. She was so absolutely amazing. Funny, smart as hell, and so, so passionate. She inspired thousands and thousands of people and her legacy will shine through in all the amazing work she has inspired and foster.
Michael Pagano
Thank you, Rachel. Beautiful …
Margaret Wilder
UAA (Urban Affairs Association) will be throwing a party for our girl Janet in DC at the April conference. Come and celebrate her phenomenal being……Margaret
Monica M Enriquez
Thank you so much for putting this together. We’ll miss you Janet. You had no idea the impact you had on me during grad school and in my professional career. I have fond memories of the Voorhees Center. We’ll miss you.
Jered Carr
Thank you so much for this. An amazing tribute to a great colleague., mentor, and friend
Joe Fusco
This was beautiful. Will miss her dearly. Thank you - Juan-Carlos and Joe
Sevin Yildiz
Thank you for beautiful tribute! a life that is truly worth celebrating. .Much love to Janet, Jim and her loved ones.
Valerie Werner
Brilliant, passionate, dedicated…and during the years we lived together we made sure our toes were painted to perfection…she had such beautiful feet - matching the rest of her beauty but it is such a fun memory.
Hazel Brown
I started in UPP as a receptionist and what I loved most about Janet is she took the time to know me. Like was interested in my life which resulted in a friendship I valued. Over the years we were not in touch as much but when I saw her she made a point to ask about my kids. I always felt seen by her. She introduced me to good coffee, we bonded over jewelry and shoes. She even bought me guitar string bracelets cause I loved hers so much. She was a great listener. She will be sorely missed as a great friend and colleague my sincerest condolences. 😭
Rosa Cabrera
We will remember her beautiful warrior soul!
Kate Walz
Thank you for this beautiful celebration of her life. All week I kept think that the best word to describe her was badass - a theme that remained today.
Janece Simmons
made everyone feel like a special friend
Yasmine Tadross
Thank you to Rachel and everyone who put this beautiful tribute together! Janet, you will be missed and grateful for the times that we spent together! Rest in Power and Peace, beautiful human!
Susan Saegert
Thank you for all of this!
Gail Schechter
Thank you, Rachel and all of you who spoke. I send love and warmth to Jim and Janet's family and friends. Let's keep her light shining.
Jihwan Kim
Thanks all for sharing memories. You will always be missed, Janet.
Jane Nicholson
Here’s to all the good and joyful trouble we got into
Kate Floros
Janet believing in me helped me believe in myself. I will continue to use my voice in service of others. "Garbage!"
April Jackson
Thank you Rachel. Beautiful celebration of life. Love and will miss Janet’s powerful spirit. A superhero indeed. Rest in power.
Patricia Abrams
Rachel, thanks for putting this together and making it possible for all of us to be apart of it.
Stacey Sutton
Thank you for this beautiful celebration of Janet.
Kristine May
Thanks, everyone. Janet's energy, passion, wit, and purpose will live on in a lot of people.
Shelley Davis
Janet's first year was my last year at UIC- although she was not my advisor she was always available for advice and a second read on my work. When I received a UIC alumni award she couldn't attend the celebration, but sent me the kindest note. Fall 2019 we had a couple of coffee dates filled with long conversations about the state of Chicago politics and grassroots organizing. We had planned together to continue our conversations. Such a loss... too soon. So grateful for her. Thank you for this celebration.
Therese Quinn
Thank you, and unending toasts to ferocious Janet!
Cathleen Jensen
Thank you all who arranged this and allowed us to participate. Rest in power, Janet! You are such a great role model for us and a reminder to do our work but still have fun in the process!
Andrew Greenlee
At a loss for words - just gratitude for the chance to get to travel together on so many journeys. Gratitude to laugh, debate, and fight together for our convictions. Gratitude for letting me find my way as an academic, and for becoming part of our chosen family.
Pamela Fox
Thank you,,, beautiful program
Noah Glaser
It’s been so nice to hear and read about all of these different parts of who Janet was - thank you to everyone for sharing and for organizing this!
Asma Ali
Thank you for this lovely celebration. Hugs to everyone at CUPPA.
Jamie Daniel
Thank you so much for this celebration.
Amalia Pallares
Thank you so much for this celebration of an extraordinary person. We were all so fortunate to know her.
Laura Nussbaum-Barberena
Thank you for putting this wonderful tribute. I had just a couple of the recent years to get to know Janet. Over margaritas and more recently tea, we had wandering discussions of food, research centers, gardens and walking. We planned walks for the warmer months. Her friendship and mentorship was excellent and helped me remember who I was at a tough moment and continued once I was back to me and I think she knew that. I see it in everything everyone has said.
Mare Ralph
Thank you for this beautiful celebration. Rest in power, Janet. You are sorely missed.
Gayatri Reddy
Thank you for this lovely memorializing of Janet. It truly captured Janet’s spirit. Rest In peace, superhero Janet! You will always be remembered. And will serve as a model for how to live life. To Janet!!
Karen Yates
I was a research assistant at the Voorhees center with Janet from the last 2 plus years. She took a chance on me as a young student and had zero doubt that I was going to grow and meet any challenge. She believed in us and inspired us. Amidst a pandemic, she was a supporter and going beyond the professional “boundaries” to check on us as people. I can speak for Rukaya and I that we wouldn’t have made it through the program without her. She is a big reason why I’m working in the affordable housing sphere in Chicago. Her mentorship and friendship will be something I also carry with me. I hope to one day be a fraction of the mentor and cheerleader that she was for a young student like me. We always had plans to get drinks together once the pandemic subsided, which never came to fruition, but today I will drink in remembrance of her. You will be dearly dearly missed and remembered always. WWJD is definitely something I think often <3 Thank you Janet for everything!
Jen Malloy
be loved
Tony Manno
Thank you, Rachel, and everyone who shared their amazing Janet stories and memories. Janet played an instrumental role in my career trajectory and I will never forget her. I am so lucky to call her a colleague, mentor, and friend of over 20 years. Cheers to you all, and cheers to Janet.
Nebiyou Tilahun
Thank you for this incredible celebration of Janet’s life. Rest in Power, Janet. I will always remember your warmth and kindness.
Silvia Becerra
I met Janet when she joined the faculty at UPP. Wonderful woman! Thanks Janet for always being supportive to me and my son Alejandro. Loved your style, your spirit and your smile. Our condolences to Janet's family and friends. Salud Janet! You will be missed.
Betsy Shuman-Moore
Thank you from one of the Chicago fair and affordable housing advocates. She was a joyous resource and ally who will be sorely missed. We'll keep up the struggle!
Joe Iosbaker
Beautiful. Such a lovely tribute. Thanks for inviting me, Ann Barnds.
Deborah Kimble
Janet and I watched the Carol King special on CNN together January 3.... we both cried at this song...love you Janet
Marina Siqueira
Thank you for the opportunity to participate in such a beautiful tribute to such an amazing soul. My deepest condolences to Janet’s family and friends. She had a great influence in so many lives and her legacy will continue to inspire all of us!
Marsha Kopral
Such a great tribute to an amazing woman. Thank you for including us.
Amy Khare
Thank you Rachel for bringing all of us together! What a way to cherish and celebrate Janet. May we keep her fierce spirit alive. Sending such love to Jim and the whole family.
Jenny Tammen
This has been so amazing. I will always be grateful to Janet for believing in me and being one of the only reasons I was able to get through graduate school. She and I immediately connected through our foul language and strong opinions. I remember she and I discussing and embracing the term "broad" as positive and empowering description for the women we are and those that we admired. I remember thinking how she was the most shining example of a kind, intellectually curious, smart-as-hell woman and this is who I hope to emulate even in some small way. I so admired her relationship with Jim and how they both were so comfortable and completely appreciative of one another. And what a great guy to agree to co-chaperone a bunch of grad students to England. He clearly just loved Janet so much and wanted to be wherever she was. So many laughs. You could just see how much Jim and Janet dug each other. So amazing. Here's to a live well lived and way too short. Thank you for everything, Janet.
Jenny Tammen
Thank you Rachel for being the strong connection and leader of this amazing tribute. Small wonder you and Janet were close from the start of your meeting. Birds of a feather at its finest. :)❤️
Wendy Deuring
with eternal gratitude to you, Janet, for your kindness and help. You made a difference.
Ralph Cintron
tania kadakia
Janet taught me about fancy rooftop restaurant cocktails in the summer.
Deborah Kimble
thank you Rachel,,, and all the UIC support... this was so beautiful.
Therese Quinn
Love these pictures! The smiles, food, friends, parties, goblets, such joy.
Herman Loellbach
Thank you for a beautiful tribute to the classiest daughter inlaw anyone could wish for.
tania kadakia
Love you Jim!
Ivis Garcia
Thanks for organizing, this was beautiful. We will all miss Janet.
Peter Wissoker
Thanks to everyone who coordinated this event. It was wonderful. Janet was an awesome human being. Her dedication to her community work was second to none. When I worked as an acquisitions editor I tried to get her to write a book for years. The answer was always the same—she had too much going on with various neighborhood projects to spend her time on something like that. How can you say no to that?
Nick Yelverton
Always a joy and such an energetic spirit. God speed Janet you are missed.
Xóchitl Bada
Thank you Rachel and all who helped putting together this lovely tribute to Janet. She is indeed a superhero. She will live forever in our hearts. Chicago has lost a great superhero.
Joy Aruguete
Beautiful. We will miss Janet and her countless contributions to social and housing justice. May she rest in peace and power.
Beth Bardolph
Thank you for putting together this beautiful memorial. Doug and I have known Janet since we were all in the 7th grade. I am the bride flanked by bridesmaids. We didn’t get to spend much time together, but when we did it was always like no time had passed. We were hoping for more times.
pauline lipman
Thank you Rachel for anchoring this tribute. Janet Rest in Power.
Margarita Saona
Thanks so much, Rachel, for this intimate tribute. Rest in power, Janet!
Barbara Di Eugenio
Her spirit really came through in what people said and the pictures. Will miss her so. Condolences to Jim, her family, all her friends, all union members
Jess Kursman (they/them)
Thank you Rachel and Voorhees for organizing. May her memory be a blessing.
Amy Khare
Janet always said she would write one last book - her manifesto on housing justice. I don’t think she needed to write it — SHE LIVED IT
Simone Gretler Heusser (she/her)
I feel the same as Jess. Thank you!
John Slocum
a hero indeed
Moira Zellner
Thank you, Rachel, Andy, all the people who spoke today. This was truly beautiful. Jim, we’re with you. Sending everyone my love and gratitude. I hope I can contribute to the world the way Janet did.
Kate Daufeldt
Thank you to everyone who coordinated this amazing celebration of life. I am so grateful to have seen Janet's face and smile just one more time. My heart is broken at unfairness of this loss, but I know I am not alone.
Branko R
Laurence adds that she's very happy that she's met Janet, and is so so sorry
Heather D Parish
My heart is so heavy right now, but Janet I know you are watching all of this and you want us to continue the work and living our lives to the fullest. May we all be as blessed to live the rich life you did in such a short period of time. Love and miss you so much. As David Stovall said earlier, we will always say your name.
Ning Ai
Thanks Rachel, helpers, speakers, and all here sharing the inspirations and unforgettable memories. Warmest thoughts with Jim. What a beautiful family.
Mariness Smith
Thanks to all for sharing nice memories with all of us. Jim all my love to you!!
Bruce Weaver
A wonderful tribute to a remarkable woman. Love you, Jim!
Ann Barnds
So glad to have occupied a small corner of the giant edifice Janet constructed, and to feel so many connections with others “in the house.” Thanks to all in front of and behind the scenes, and especially to Jim for being such a wonderful caregiver to Janet.
Joe Iosbaker
Thanks again for organizing this. Beautiful. Be safe.
Andrew Greenlee
Thank you Rachel, Andy, and Team Voorhees for helping us pay tribute.
Leah Levinger
Thank you all
Mariness Smith
thank you all
Yasminah Beebeejaun
Thank you
Simone Gretler Heusser (she/her)
Thank you Andy.
Sara Amaral
Thank you for organizing. Appreciate you all
Amy Khare
Thank you Andy and others for organizing. Hard to sign off.
Gary Willis
Thank you Vorhees team for a beautiful tribute.
Gary Willis
Thank you Jim! You are in our prayers.
Ginger Withers
So many good stories that everyone has to share!
Lara Kastner
Thank you! Sending Hugs.
Ginger Withers
Amazing job Vorhees team. No wonder Janet was so proud of you.
Simone Gretler Heusser (she/her)
Bye bye, thank you again for this beautiful gathering!
Sarah Kellerman
Thank you so much for doing this.
virginia Witmer
Thank you all, again. Beautifully done.
Ning Ai
Hugs to Jim and you all
Paul Wallace
Love you Jim, Thank you everyone for sharing your beautiful stories.
virginia Witmer
Virginia Witmer : and hugs back to you, Jim. Wonderfully done.
virginia Witmer
Thank you, Rachel, and everyone who spoke. VW
Andy Born
Hi everyone, here is a message from Zorica Nedovic-Budic:
Andy Born
Many thanks to the organizers and all speakers who related happy and sad stories and who and how Janet was. A few words from me:Beautiful person inside and outGreat humanity at all levels - her union work for people she does not know, community work for her Chicago neighbours, and individual for her friends and colleagues. Certainly an epitomy of Chicago women with deep knowledge of its culture, politics and also all the happenings - planning and other. Always captivated me with her stories and information she generously shared.
Andy Born
Started our friendship in 1987 almost 35 years ago just as I arrived to the US from Serbia to do a masters degree at U of Illinois - Champaign - Urbana and once a friend she stays your friend forever - to this last day on December 26th when we exchanged text expecting to see each other during my visit to Chicago.
Andy Born
Memory - exam with Al Guttenberg in Urban Structure -- she was relaxed as she was sitting at a dinner party or reflecting on a poem, or a piece of phylosophy and wondering at my exam panick (she asked me - something probably having to do switching to English language or the fact that if I did not do well in exams I would lose my student visa and would have to go back ... so over time I relaxed - certainly a better for any performance - always remembered her for that)
Andy Born
Second - ACSP conference - Ft. Lauderdale 1997 - we have not seen each other for several years, she saw me and asked if I were pregnant with my second child - I think it was my first or second month - I was shocked - I think she new it before I did - that's how she knew me and could feel me. Of course, she asked me in front of everyone at the dinner table :)
Andy Born
Third - with all credit and respect to the committee work, I always felt that it was Janet who brought me to UIC - this excellent college and department, wonderful colleagues and the beautiful city of Chicago. Forever grateful for all experiences, including our picknicks on top or in front of my building or in Millenium Park, and our 1 on 1 dinners.Having so many friends and time she gave to both her professional and personal circles, shows how generous she was in giving herself.
Andy Born
Rest in peace and love dear Janet - my forever friend