EOHS 495 Seminar - Shared screen with speaker view
Caitlin Elizabeth Donato
• What are the pros and cons of employing a multidimensional indictor (v. unidimensional e.g. hours worked) when trying to measure changes in employment quality over time and/or employment quality in relation to health outcomes.• Do you agree with equally weighting the dimensions of precarious employment. Should some dimensions be up (or down) weighted ?o Discuss the pros and cons of a theoretically versus data-driven (PCA) score.• What are some of the policy and public health implications of these findings. Particularly, the fact that PE remains high among more marginalized groups (e.g. people of color, females), but is increasing among males, higher wage, higher education groups as well.
Guddi Kapadia
Dimensions - Material Rewards, Work Time Arrangements, Instability, Workers' Rights, Disempowerment, Interpersonal, Training
Caitlin Elizabeth Donato
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Guddi Kapadia
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